In order to allow companies to concentrate on their core business, MAG Law provides full support so that all aspects of the company are aligned with the laws and operate so as to reach the best results. We provide consultancy and support in litigations in all areas of Law, in order to settle the challenges faced by companies of all sizes in the conduction of their businesses.

In any field of performance, we emphasize that all intellectual work (researches, preparation of briefs and so forth) is executed by specialized professionals within the scope of their duties, who are located at the headquarters of the law firm, and we also benefit from operational services provided by our correspondents throughout the entire country.


Environmental Law

Our performance in this area comprehends, in addition to other works: legal analysis of projects and strategic plans, audits of legal suitability (compliance) and due diligence for the acquisition of companies, support in public bids involving environmental issues, such as power, residue management, instruction in Public Hearings, monitoring of administrative proceedings handled by environmental bodies for the obtainment of licenses, authorizations, permits, certificates, support in the conduction of Conduct Adjustment Agreements (TAC). In relation to litigation issues, we perform in the defense of our clients in the administrative and judicial spheres.


Consumer Law

Our performance in this area comprehends, among other works: preventive and dynamic consultancy to avoid lawsuits, adapting websites, products and services according to the laws, and support in the preparation, review and analysis of offtake agreements. Within the scope of the administrative issues, we perform before de Departments of Procon, Health Surveillance, the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA), Instituto de Pesos e Medidas (IPEM), in addition to other bodies, with expertise in the conduction of Conduct Adjustment Agreements (TAC). We also perform before Small Claims Courts and Ordinary Courts, preparing defenses, appeals and conducting hearings in individual and collective actions.


Real Estate Law

Our performance in this area comprehends, in addition to other works: support in the purchase and sale of real properties, development of real estate ventures, sub-division into lots, guarantees and audits related to real properties and support in real property transactions, in addition to urbanistic issues. We also perform in businesses involving rural properties and leases. We particularly excel within the scope of the litigation in actions of reinstatement, eviction, reconduction, adverse possession and others related to the subject.


Corporate Law

Our performance in this area comprehends, among other works: support related to corporate governance, preparation of bylaws, minutes of meeting, articles of association, and others, in addition to the participation in assemblies and meetings of partners. Furthermore, we excel in the preparation of shareholders and partners agreements, and we rely on relevant experience in corporate litigation, with several cases of success.


Labor Law

Our performance in this area comprehends, in addition to other works: consultancy related to labor issues aiming to avoid contingencies, liabilities and responsibilities, and support in the investigation of concealed liabilities, due diligence related to mergers and acquisitions, preparation of incentive plans, time banks and issues related to Occupational Health and Safety (Occupational Health and Medical Control Program - PCMSO and Environmental Risk Prevention Program - PPRA) by means of a team also comprised of physicians and engineers. Moreover, within the administrative scope, we rely on expertise to defend preparatory proceedings and public civil investigations, defense related to Notices of Violation forwarded by the Regional Superintendence of Labor and Employment (SRTE), defense in individual and collective labor claims.


Tax Law

Our performance in this area comprehends, among other works: tax consultancy and support in all corporate transactions, such as, for example, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, corporate reorganization and asset planning. In relation to litigation, we perform in the municipal, state and federal spheres, in different areas involving tax laws, such as import and export of goods and services, customs valuation, special customs systems, Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS), Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI), TURSD, TUST, social security charges, additional penalty of 10% over the Worker’s Insurance Fund (FGTS) in cases of dismissal of employee, in addition to others.


Family and Successions

Our performance in this area comprehends, in addition to other works: preparation and monitoring of action seeking acknowledgment and dissolution of informal marriage, separation and divorce, partition of estates, donation, alimony proceeding (claim, review, exoneration and execution), custody and regulation of visitation to minor children, Interdiction, Probate Proceeding and inventory, paternity investigation, will, in addition to several precautionary measures and petitions for urgent relief. Furthermore, we succeed in family and succession planning, in accordance with corporate and tax laws.



Our performance in this area comprehends all aspects of the franchise segment, within the consultancy and litigation scopes, in addition to the remaining issues, such as the performance before administrative bodies, supervision of the relationship Franchisor-Franchisee, collection and standardization of the chain, licensing of trademarks, due diligence, preparation of several agreements, setting up of franchise offer circular letters, franchise and chain set-up agreements, in addition to others.


Corporate Criminal Law

In light of the fact that the firm has emphasized performance in corporate law, we also manage crimes conducted against companies, several frauds faced by insurance companies, crimes against the consumer, the tax system and proceedings related to environmental crimes. The professional activity includes also proceedings related to social security crimes and violation of trademarks and patents.


Intellectual Property

Our performance in this area comprehends, in addition to other works: the registration and monitoring of trademarks, patents, industrial drawings and domain, in addition to the support in agreements related to licensing, assignment, distribution, franchise and transfer of technology, and development of software, in addition to others. Furthermore, in the administrative sphere, we perform in processes related to the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), Conselho Nacional de Autorregulamentação Publicitária (Conar), Anvisa and In addition, we succeed in lawsuits related to unfair trade competition, forgery and piracy.


Recovery of Credit

Our performance in this area comprehends, in addition to other works: legal support and consultancy in the preparation of agreements that aim to ensure the receipt of credits, management and collection of receivables, preparation and monitoring of actions seeking collection, monitory action and execution with precautionary measures for the receipt.


Reorganization of Companies

Our performance in this area comprehends, in addition to other works: support in the reorganization of companies facing crisis, with direct participation in processes of restructuring of debts with suppliers, banks, financial entities and others, in addition to the development of plans and strategies for the administrative and, as applicable, judicial reorganization.